when you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.
everyone has gone through something that may has changed them.
everyone has gone through something that made them who they are today.

share your story,
write a blog.

Cheers For The Fast Times

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Little Project 2012: PINTU

It's not our abilities that defines us, it's our choices. Mau dikata apa juga 2012 tetep ter-ciss 🍻

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Making people happy since 2012.

On The Spot by Psikopad12. Pra-Event LP 2012.
Hari-hari tersuper. Super cute, super hectic, yet super fun.

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The A-team.

Divisi Publikasi & Dokumentasi 3 ON 3 2013. Taken on the last day of 3 ON 3 2013. Overwhelmed with Joy. Tajir-tajir-sukses nya sudah accomplished. 🍻 Kangen kita betewe.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Own Therapist

♬ India Arie - Therapy

He puts his hand on my lower back, his face in my neck and
Says something to make me laugh, makes me forget I was mad
His touch feels so right, it's like he's reading my mind
I need him all the time
Like breathing, let it go, shout it out
Take deeps breathes and real slow, calm down
Close my eyes, soft spoke, ease my mind, take control
From my body please work your psychology
You've taken good care of me, always been there for me
Boy, I can't bear to leave 'cause I need your therapy
You've given me everything, so much I ever could need
Without you I'm weak in the knees, I need your therapy

India Arie - Therapy Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I know this is an old song, but I've been listening to this song a lot the last few days. it's cute, it has the word psychology in it. too cute. c:

cheers, hnalmirap™

The Wedding's Cake

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I know a wedding should be about the couple... but this cake is just a gorgeous i think might just stole the light from the bride & groom. No, kidding. Congratulations on your marriage, brother. May your everyday together be a joyous ride :)

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