when you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.
everyone has gone through something that may has changed them.
everyone has gone through something that made them who they are today.

share your story,
write a blog.

Cheers For The Fast Times

Monday, 25 February 2013

saat udah bosen nge-net tapi rasanya sayang kalo ga dipake.

♬ Maybe - Secondhand Serenade

the title says it all.

and the #sodamntrue bio goes to....

cheers, hnalmirap™
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

....but here I am alive.

♬ Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard

there are times when you just want to shut the world down. so you turn the music loud, lie on your bed, and drown in your own thoughts. And after a song or two, somehow you know you're gonna be okay.

A song from Southern Air album by Yellowcard. 

If I could write to the kid I was before, I'd tell him "You'd get everything you ever wanted, but you will still want more." Someone's gonna tell you who you should wanna be, so you forget the vision that they didn't want to see. And when they give up, cause they will give up, say: "Here I am alive."
Source: britjay12

If I could write to myself when I was on top of it all, I'd say "You'd going overboard and when you are falling you're gonna feel so small." Someone's gonna tell you that you deserve the worst. They'd say you're never coming back and tell you that you're cursed. But when they give up, 'cause they always give up say: "Here I am alive"

They say you don't grow up, you just grow old. It's safe to say I haven't done both.
I made mistakes, I know I know. But here I am alive.
So many people close to me cut me down, this is supposed to be a bad luck town.
I jumped, I fell, I hit the ground. But here I am alive.

And when they give up, cause they will give up, say:

Here I am alive.

cheers, hnalmirap

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bocah 19 tahun yang mukanya ga pernah berubah.

♬ Irish Girl - The Trees and The Wild


It's that time of the year again! :beer:
Pertama, bersyukur dulu sama Tuhan karena udah dikasih kesempatan ulang tahun ke-19.
Kedua, enjoy your first birthday in UK. Go out with your friends, take a lot of photos, prank people, party hard, laugh a lot, and don't let ANY single thing ruin your mood today. Just for today, don't think about how others think and do what makes you happy.
Ketiga, be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy that when others look at you, they become happy too. Be so damn happy that eventually people who love you will become happy too.
Keempat, say thanks to hana almira priatna cantik sekali karena sudah so-kind dengan mem-post foto yang dimana febri-nya lagi ga aib. lolololololol. ;;)

Look at you now. Kalo kata Mr Arif: you're quite a young man now. Jadi, toughen up, young man! But when things are hard, always remember we're here to help and cheer you up. Have a little faith in us gitu don't keep the stress for yourself. :)

And always believe in yourself (harusnya ini sih ga usah dibilangin lagi since you're usually over-confidence) you can survive anywhereeeee in this cruel world because you have that ability to make people likes you for no specific reason. Proof? up until now you're the only person my age that Mba Diah likes and adore and I think she loves to take care of you more than she loved me..... Nah kalo Mba Diah aja bisa ditaklukkan yang lain sih lewaaaaaat.

I wish you a great great great great great years aheadddd. Stay healthy. Stay who you are & always remember where you come from. Semoga selalu dikasih yang terbaik. Semoga panjang umur. Semoga jalannya selalu dimudahkan. Semoga tetap dan akan selalu bisa jadi kebanggaan dari keluarga & teman-teman tersayang. And the most important of all, semoga selalu bahagiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. \m/ :D

cheers, hnalmirap™