when you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.
everyone has gone through something that may has changed them.
everyone has gone through something that made them who they are today.

share your story,
write a blog.

Cheers For The Fast Times

Friday, 15 July 2011

can I be your Wendy?

♬ No Idea - All Time Low

Source: Somewhere over Tumblr.
time flies. I've been talking about this same crap for whole my life. time. really.
there are times when we all wish for the same thing.
when we all wish for the happy moment to freeze.
when we all wish to pause on our favorite moments, rewind for a moment, and skip the bad things.
when we all wish for time to stop or fly.

it feels like it was just yesterday that I'm so excited to wear my white-gray uniform. but now, in 3 days, my final year will begin, the last year on high school. then in no time, we'll all start a brand new life. new adventure. real life. real world. cruel place.

say this is childish, but I'm afraid to grow up.

"welcome to the real world, girlfriend." he said.



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