when you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story.
everyone has gone through something that may has changed them.
everyone has gone through something that made them who they are today.

share your story,
write a blog.

Cheers For The Fast Times

Thursday, 2 June 2011

31 days of May.

♬ Always Attract - You Me At Six

Dear May,
thank you for all 31 days of precious moments. everyday's a surprise.
thank you for all the lesson taught. thank you for all the sweet & bitter moments.
the pain helps me to grow stronger, and the joy only makes me feel more alive. it helps me to realize that this life's too good to be ended, time passed too fast to be wasted, & that I'm just too strong to be weakened. ;) #iwish

so long, May.
and welcome, June. Be good to me like your sister did :)

Sincerely, a girl who's luckily born in May & under the astronomical sign of Taurus.

p.s tell you, I'm a taurus, I can't be tamed. :b